Manage your company operations with SKMD Admin Panel

The SKMD calendar was built to simplify the internal operations of your company. It's a very simple calendar yet it hosts a multitude of advanced features to help you grow your business.

Improve your internal operations and reduce double bookings by having one calendar shared across your team.

How our Calendar can help

Mobile Friendly

The SKMD Calendar has been built with multiple views so you can get the information you need at a glimpse. Make sure to check out our Day, Week, timeline and Agenda View.

User Management

Add as many users as you like. Even better, decide the level of access of each user. We know that you might want to share your calendar with someone however only showcase availability and that's why we built multiple calendar views.

Full Access Calendar

Availability Only

Fully Integrated

The SKMD calendar is the last calendar you will need. Any booking added to your calendar will directly be reflected on your booking website in real-time. Your availability can be connected to various market places using API.

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